Update Your Facebook And Twitter While Blogging. Easy Using FLOCK.

It is important for bloggers to have social networks, such as twitter and facebook. With those accounts, we can spread and promote our blog to more people. Don't say those things don't really help us if you're the one who don't know how to use it.

And since we're bloggers. I found an efficient method where we can blogging and twitting or facebooking at the same time. And how is that? Yes, by using FLOCK.

I already using FLOCK for a long period of time. And i'm quite satisfied with its performance compare to usual browser such as Chrome and Mozilla.

Just see picture below and you guys will know what i mean.

You can update and reply to your friend's status that appear on the right side of the browser. Cool right? And if you don't want that side to appear. You can simply turn it off and its working like a normal browser.

Owh, how about speed? Don't worry. FLOCK is fast and light. It is faster than Mozilla. And just slightly slower than Chrome. But its performance is superb. So, how about you guys also join me. Try FLOCK now. Ngehh..

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